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1. Cocking Lane, Brunthwaite, Silsden, Roman Road

12.7 miles, 2200 feet of ascent (20.4 km, 487 metres of ascent)

A ride, passing through Silsden, with beautiful views over the Aire and Wharfedale valleys.

Started by riding down the village and then up over Addingham Moorside via Cocking Lane. Then turning left to follow Lightbank Lane under White Crag along the ridge towards Silsden.This is followed by a long down hill stretch through High Brunthwaite and Brunthwaite to a cemetery where it meets up with Howden Road for the final decent into Silsden. There are a number of pubs and cafes here if you want to stop for a break. Cycle up the main road Warning in Silsden before turning left up Bradley Road for another climb past Raikes Head and over Silsden Moor, past Woofa Bank and up onto Draughton Moor.

Where the road meets the Dales High Way at High Edge turn right onto the bridleway to descend an old Roman Road before meeting up with the main road to take you all the way back into Addingham. Here there are beautiful views of Wharfedale, Chelker Reservoir and Beamsley Beacon.

The first 3/4 of a mile of the bridleway Warning is suitable for mountain and hybrid bikes but will be very rough for touring or road bikes, after that the bridleway is tarmac. If you don't want to use the bridleway either carry on to meet the Skipton Road Warning to cycle back into Addingham, or backtrack to meet the Silsden Road Warning at Cringles to drop down into Addingham.

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